Introducing The New Importations Tab

In order to help you better manage the batch importation of publications into the platform, we have introduced the Importations tab to your Dashbord.

Thanks to this new feature, you can view detailed information about each batch import job, such as its assigned ID number, the metadata format used, the state of the import, the job’s individual file name, a record of who initiated the job, and links to download a local copy of the files, either individually or the entire archive.

You can also filter the list by status (In progress, Error, Success, Warnings).

Extra information about each batch importation job is available simply by clicking anywhere on the job’s line.

You can also easily find out which publications are related to a specific batch by clicking on the Affected publications tab.

For more information about this new Dashbord tab or to give us feedback, feel free to contact our technical team at