Abolition Of The Invoicing Requirement For Payment Of Sums Owed To Publishers

As a result of consultations with our tax professionals, we are pleased to announce that you will no longer be required to issue us an invoice in order to receive payment for sums which are owed to you.

This administrative measure had been previously put in place at the behest of our former auditors and became a source of irritation for several publishers. We requested that our new auditors, Price Waterhouse Cooper, reassess the situation in order to simplify the procedure for you, and us as well. 

Thus, as of April 1, 2015, payment for your owed sums will be issued without requiring an invoice beforehand. However, please be aware that this measure is not retroactive: you still need to provide us with invoices for all sales reports produced before March 31, 2015.

Tax remittance on the sums owed to the publishers 

Furthermore, in order to simplify accounting operations, we will no longer add sales tax on your owed sums, discharging you from having to remit tax amounts to the government. Most resellers execute a tax remittance and convey the net amount to us.

Regarding the commission and administrative invoice

Moreover, please note that your sales reports will be accompanied by an invoice issued by De Marque. The amount of this invoice represents commission and administrative fees owed to us in accordance with your contract. This amount will always be deducted from your owed sums payment, so you are not required to submit a separate payment for this particular invoice: its purpose is for your records only.

Any questions?

We have set up a Frequently Asked Questions page on the De Marque website specifically for this subject, to help answer any interrogations you may have or clarify some finer points about these changes.

If you have more questions regarding sales reports, payments or invoicing, you may contact Amelie Chabot at amelie@demarque.com or (418) 658-9143, ext. 223.