The Bookstore Network section is accessible under the Market menu of your profile.

It offers an overview of the sales settings applying to your entire bookstore network, including both consumer and library markets.

On that screen, you can:

  • View the list of open countries, currencies and price types currently defined

  • Choose to define your own settings, such as:

    • Opening or closing countries of sale

    • Setting currencies and price types for each country

  • Choose to use the default settings.

Using Your Organization’s Settings or the Default Settings?

Using the Default Settings (recommended)

The country and currency selection included in the default values ​​has been optimized for each platform. All prices are also set to be sent to bookstores as "Unique retail price".

These values as well as possible improvements made over time by the platform operators are the main advantages of using the default settings. This is why we recommend this configuration, accessible in read-only mode.

Using My Own Settings

If administrative restrictions or territorial exclusions apply to your market, you can define the sales settings for your network of bookstores. In order to do so, simply click on the button called Use my own settings.

Then you can change the default values, such as the countries of sale, currencies or price types, much in the same way as you would for external platforms.

Also note that this action is reversible: at any time you can choose to let the default settings override your own, by clicking the button called Use default settings.

Publishers Under a Distribution Group

A publisher under a distribution consortium uses the distributor’s settings. He can also use the default settings, or his own.

My Distributor’s Settings

If your publisher account is under a distribution consortium, your distributor will automatically be responsible for managing the countries of sale, currencies and price types for all your markets. You can still view these settings in the Bookstore Network section.

My Own Settings

Again, if you need to enforce administrative exceptions or territorial restrictions, you can define the settings for all your markets: bookstores, libraries and external platforms. In order to do so, just make sure that you have previously disabled the distributor’s management of your settings in the section called Countries of interest. Also note that this action is reversible.

For your own network of bookstores, you can choose at any time to override your settings with the default values.


It is important to note that any change made by the distributor to the settings in the Bookstore Network section is immediately applied to every publisher under a distribution agreement with them.