The World price is a quick way to define a price for all the countries.

In the prices screen of a publication (Metadata/Sales/Price), the World price is displayed as an unique price titled “World”.

The World price is sent to all the countries that accept the currency associated to the price, while respecting the configurations of the bookstores network and the external platforms. Only the countries configured to accept the currency of the World price will receive it.

For example, if the World price is in euro and Australia is not set to receive this currency, the World price will not be sent for Australia.

Adding a World price

There are two ways to add a World price:

  • By importation of an ONIX 3.0 file (by using the keyword WORLD with the tags <CountriesIncluded> or <RegionsIncluded> in the tag <Price>): Importing with ONIX 3.0.
  • By the interface, in the prices screen (Metadata/Sales/Price), by checking “Check / Uncheck all” under the Country section (if all the countries of the world are configured into the platform)*.

*Note: If the World price isn’t displayed after adding a price by the interface, then you need to use the ONIX 3.0 importation.