In addition to adding and updating titles from the Publications screen, you can also:”look up several titles at once (multi-identifier search);

  • perform advanced searches;
  • export publications reports;
  • run actions in batches.

Multi-identifier Search

  • You can look up a precise list of titles at once by following these simple steps:
  • in the Publications screen, click on the arrow next to the search area to open a dialog box;
  • copy/paste the list of publication identifiers (EAN or ISBN) that you want to look up. If your list comes from an Excel sheet, simply paste it in the dialog box. You can also separate the identifiers with a semicolon;
  • click on the magnifying glass to search the titles. You can look up as many ISBN as you need to at once.

[Caution] Make sure that there are no spaces between the identifiers, nor dashes between the numbers.

Once the search is completed, the platform will return the matching titles.

You can then select them and run usual actions against that particular set of titles.

Advanced Search

It is possible to sort your catalog according to specific criteria by following these steps:

  • in the Publications screen, click on the "plus" icon;
  • choose the desired criteria.

For example, you can best use this feature to quickly identify publications

  • that were rejected by retailers (Exportation - Status / Failed);
  • for which one or several formats are not valid (File - Validation / Error);
  • that are under or below a given price (Format - Price).
  • etc.


Please note that you can combine several criteria. For example, combining criteria such as Exportation - Status / Failed and Exportation - External platform: Apple, will return all your titles that were rejected by Apple. You can also look for any title written in English that match a precise BISAC classification by using the criteria Publication - Language and Publication - Classification.

Publications Reports

In the Publications screen, you can generate several types of reports by following these steps:

  • select some, or all publications, as desired;
  • click on the Excel icon;
  • choose the Excel report that best suits your needs.


  • The dynamic Excel report is the most complete, and includes all available metadata. You can use such report to import publications, as explained in the article “Importing with the Dynamic Excel Report”;
  • you can create custom reports and save them as fully reusable templates. More information about this feature is available in the article "Publications - Custom Reports".

Executing Actions in Batches

You can run some actions on several of your titles at once.

Currently, the two actions that can be batch-processed are:

  • putting publications online;
  • putting publications offline.

These actions are available in just a few clicks:

  • in the Publications screen, select all the titles or just some of them;
  • click on the gear icon;
  • select the desired action;
  • click on Execute.