In the Publications screen, you can select one or several titles and generate a dynamic Excel report that will include all their metadata.

However, if you wish to export only some metadata, you can create a custom report by following these steps:

  • in the Publications screen, select the desired titles;
  • click on the Excel sheet icon;
  • choose "Create a custom report";
  • select the columns you want displayed in your report (they will become green when you click on them);
  • before clicking on Execute, you can choose to save your custom report as a template. This way, you'll be able to use it later without having to follow the previous steps;
  • click on Execute.


The templates you have created are located in the System > Reports section. You can update or delete these templates at any time.

If report sharing is available to you, you can view the names of the users with whom you are sharing reports in the column “Shared with”.